1887 Victorian Day Dress

While I finished this dress almost a year ago now, I hadn’t gotten very good worn photos of it. I wanted to wait for the fall to hopefully take advantage of some colors as a backdrop. So a couple of weeks ago my Dan and I went to the local park that is rich in Victorian history to take some photos.

The Reservoir, around which ladies would commonly gather on benches.

victorian day dress park 5

Victorian day dress park 11

victorian day dress park 10

victorian day dress park 3

I definitely need to work on my posing! And find some nice jewelry and some hair extensions to style my hair better. But this was a fun first photo shoot for us to do with one of the first dresses that I’ve completed using a historically accurate pattern. For the next one I finish, I hope we can do a shoot in the snow. With swords.

Photos are by DFalk.