Costume Programs

I am available for presentations at libraries, historical societies, museums, or other historic sites in the Capital Region area of Upstate New York. I have a few ready-to-go presentations that can be requested. Programs specifically developed for your site may be possible on inquiring, but are not guaranteed.

Ready-to-go Presentations:

Refashioning Saratoga: An explanation of my 2019 Saratoga Arts grant-funded project to recreate a dress from a Victorian photograph of Saratoga Springs. Talk includes an explanation of how and why the photo was chosen, analysis of the dress in the photo, how the materials and pattern were chosen, dress construction, and photos of the finished garment worn in its original environment.

Dress in the Gilded Age: A program inspired by the HBO show that gives an overview of women’s clothing of the period, featuring examples from original fashion plates and includes a dressing demonstration of all of the layers that make up a fashionable lady’s toilette.

They Wore What!? Historical Heroines Kicking @$$, in a Corset: Intended to address all the questions that people usually have about historical clothing, this program gives a short overview of historical fashions and explains how women of the time functioned in their clothes and made the clothes function for them.

Women At Saratoga: A slideshow of numerous photographic examples of women’s dress at Saratoga Springs spanning the years from 1865 to 1910 with an explanation of the fashions.

For inquiries, please contact me through my Facebook page: