What to Gift the Historical Costumer in Your Life.

If you’re a historical costumer, around the gift-giving season you may start getting questions from family about what you want for Christmas, and it can be hard to come up with a few ideas on the spot without feeling greedy. Conversely, if you have a friend or loved one who is a historical costumer, you might be trying to find some ideas of what to get them without them catching on.

With those things I mind, I thought I would put together this list of gift ideas that historical costumers would (probably) like. Of course, no two costumers are into the same eras or styles, so I tried to include a variety of useful as well as fun items at a variety of price points. I hope you find this list useful!

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Sources of Inspiration

As my first official post, before I post any actual costuming photos (since I seldom have time to sew lately), I thought I’d talk about places that I get my costuming inspiration.

I don’t consider myself a very adept costumer yet–I learn new techniques and more about my own skills every time I work on a garment. But I thought this blog could be a document of my learning process as much as a demonstration of my abilities. A lot of the things that inspire me are examples of what I aspire to be able to do some day. It’s also a lot of “dang, that outfit is awesome, I need it. Better go sew it.”

As far as the historical costuming goes, some times it’s movies that get me salivating over a particular style. Shakespeare in Love, Marie Antoinette (with Kiersten Dunst), The Duchess (with Kiera Knightly) and Jane Eyre (with Mia Wasikowska) are some of my favorite costume-inspiring movies.

I also follow some historical fashion blogs on Tumblr that post a lot of images of extant garments from different time periods. OMG That Dress, Fashions from History, Fripperies and Fobs, and Tudor Costume are blogs that I look at for items from a specific time period. I also follow Tawny’s Costumes and Curiosities and Red Threaded Costumes for general costume and historical fashion inspiration.

I will sometimes browse the Renaissance or Victorian tags on Flickr to look at photos from events or people’s sewing posts, but not everything posted on Flickr is historically accurate (in fact, I would actually say most of it is not). But there are some accurate, well-made items on there that I like to save and look at.

Hopefully soon I will have the time to make a proper post with something a bit more exciting.